By: Alicia Gajraj

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All passengers in a motor vehicle will have to wear a seatbelt even if they are in the backseat according to a new legislation Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed on August 11, 2020.

Every New Yorker in a motor vehicle will have to buckle up, even if they are passengers in the back seat. Governor Cuomo signed a legislation on August 11,2020 requiring everyone 16 years of age or older to buckle up in the backseat of a motor vehicle.

Passengers 16 years of age or older were not required to use a seatbelt, but that has…

By: Alicia Gajraj

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Paying with a debit or credit card is much easier and favored when shopping in stores. It has become standard in most businesses that paying with a card is available for customers that may not have cash.

In the midst of a pandemic, many retail establishments are taking cards as a payment instead of cash because of the fear of contracting COVID-19. The transmission of COVID-19 through money is possible. …

Undocumented immigrants are essential workers during the corona virus pandemic, with no help from the government.

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On March 27, 2020, President Donald Trump signed a 2 trillion corona virus relief package to help Americans navigate through an economic crisis. The bill known as the CARES Act will supply funds to help businesses, unemployment, local and state governments, hospitals, and Americas’ workers — but not undocumented immigrants.

The bill will distribute direct payments to most tax payers based on their Adjusted Gross Income(AGI). Individual tax payers will get $1,200 each if their income is lower than $75,000. Tax payers who make…

“Macy’s” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The timeless retail store Macy’s is closing its doors to 125 stores, in addition, to cutting 2000 jobs in hopes for better sales. The company announced in the beginning of February that it was gearing up for its “transition year.” But its transition year seems unattainable as Macy’s closed all stores on March 31st, 2020 amid corona virus concerns.

The store known to all, for last minute Christmas shopping, traditions like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Fourth of July fireworks is working arduously to create a better shopping experience for its customers and employers.

JerryMedia — Macy’s — CreativeCommons

Our beloved retail store Macy’s; where our last minute Christmas shopping is done, our regular traditions like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and The fourth of July Fireworks is closing its doors to 125 stores. While many are concerned for the future of Macy’s, other Macy’s stores are gearing up for what the CEO Jeffrey Gennette describes as its transition year.

Macy’s was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1851 where he opened his first R.H Macy & Co at the corner of 14th streeet and 6th Avenue in New York City selling only dry goods. It’s first sales…

By Alicia Gajraj

Meyer, Marvin — Feb 23, 2018 —

Technology has definitely affected the means of journalism… Journalism has now evolved from newspapers to pretty much being digital. Like every business, there are consumers and if they are not pleased, then the business will try its best to please these customers — the same thing is applicable to journalism.

Over the years, journalism has had to change, innovatively and find alternatively creative ways to consume news. Now, journalists who are in the money making business have to constantly re-evaluate and implement better ways to keep their readers interested.

However, this new innovative take on journalism has…

By Alicia Gajraj

William Ivan~May 29,

According to the article, Platform Press: How Silicon Valley reengineered journalism, “companies have evolved beyond their role of distribution channels and now control what audiences see.”

Accounts like Facebook and Twitter are evolving where its owners have full control of what is seen on their sites. As mentioned in class, certain social media outlets have certain algorithms, which only allows its users to do certain things when they use their account.

An example of this is the total number or characters you can type on Twitter or Facebook to get your point across.

Essentially, Facebook and Twitter…

By Alicia Gajraj

Franck V-August 27th, 2018-

There is no doubt that the internet has taken up most of our lives — where information is unlimited and given out freely to the public.

Douglas Rushkoff, the host of The Persuaders and author of the Forthcoming book Life Incorporated, questions how certain organizations distribute their information. He claims the question is “How do we stick eyeballs into our content and ultimately deliver the eyeballs to our sponsor.” According to Rushkoff, technology has somehow changed, it is now known to be a minefield of distractions.

Eli Parser continues this conversation of how the internet has become…

By Alicia Gajraj

There are many ideas that objectivity is a myth and I do believe so. I think in every writing that a journalist, they are subjective to what they are doing. I think this tweet exmplifies that somehow being subjective is the trail to being objective. In a sense, what I get from this tweet is that it is okay to be subjective, however when it comes down to actually doing the work like producing an article the personal feelings will need to be detached.

By Alicia Gajraj

Cox and Forkum — Google Images

As McChesney explained objectivity in journalism, he describes it as a “particular criticsm critique that is well funded and is excessively sympathetic.” As of 2001 and 2003 books that were creating a negative light of the leftward tilt pushed some journalist to be less critical right wing politics.

The idea is that journalism is leaned to the right wing which the corporate and conservatives have taken it for the worse. …

Alicia Gajraj

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